Support the 53rd International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair 2017 as a sponsor!

The 53rd International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair 2017 in Sinsheim would be enhanced by the participation of practice enterprises from countries with economic difficulties, therefore supporters and sponsors in politics and business are badly needed!

This support could enable many practice enterprises from foreign countries, mostly from Eastern Europe, to participate - in most cases for the first time - in the trade fair.



Six Reasons for You Why to Sponsor the 53rd International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair

Grund 1Reason 1

With the attendance at this big event, you can promote the publicity of your own enterprise and therefore, can boost its image in a sympathetic way.



Grund 2Reason 2

You can gain entrance to specific and interesting audiences and get experienced as a strong trademark by learning people from all over the world.



Grund 3 Reason 3

Take position as responsible enterprise in public and politic, as much as towards your clients, partners, and constituents!



Grund 4Reason 4

Present yourself to well-trained professionals and potential employees!



Grund 5

Reason 5

Get involved in an environment of young, dedicated people in an international atmosphere, and meet the leaders of tomorrow live!



Grund 6Reason 6

Establish sustainable contacts with trainers from all over the world and with the international network of our practice enterprises.



More details about your
involvement we can
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Michael Loef
Chief of the Central Office
of the German Practice Enterprise Network
Phone: +49 0201/3204–330

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